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Lovely lawn care company who I use often to take care of my garden. Garden Clearance Bermondsey are also cheap which is a bonus!

  • Sylvie Taylor

I couldn't be happier with the level and quality of service that I've received from GardenersBermondsey. Their prices are outstanding and they have the best landscapers in the business.

  • Marie Tindley

It was a great result after their garden design team went to work. Will definitely be recommending Gardening Companies Bermondsey to my family and friends.

  • Sarah A.

The lawn care team from Garden Clearance Bermondsey that does our lawn always impresses me! The lawn looks great and they take their time to make sure the garden is tidy before they leave.

  • Howard M.

The landscape gardeners worked to an excellent standard. I was thrilled with the outcome. Gardeners Bermondsey are certainly in my good books!

  • Oliver S.

Love working with GardenersBermondsey they are always so efficient, ready to work, and do a really great job with my garden care.

  • G. Evans

I had received a call from my in-laws who stated that they would be stopping by for a surprise visit. I was desperate and was in need of quick, same day gardening services. I contacted Garden Clearance Bermondsey, who gave me the best possible quote, which were the cheapest services I could find. I hired them on the spot. Great crew, professional service, garden looks like new. Would highly recommend them to others, and will use them again myself.

  • Janice S.

I went to visit my elderly uncle, and was shocked at the state of his garden. He needed expert lawn care services and fast. I contacted Gardeners Bermondsey for a quick estimate. The prices seemed competitive. Long story short, the gardeners was professional, worked hard, and my uncle's garden will be taken care of from now on!

  • Luisa T.

I had to do something about all the weeds growing in my lawn so I had Garden Maintenance Bermondsey see to them. Their lawn care team were able to remove all weeds and make sure that they weren't just gone, but they weren't coming back either. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • George Wilson

Garden Maintenance Bermondsey provided me with a really good garden clearance service. My garden is free from rubbish and I'm really happy with how environmentally conscious this company is. If you want a clearer garden without any hassle this is the company for you!

  • Natalie

GardenersBermondsey have really helped me with my garden maintenance. I never had the time to tidy, plant or care for my garden, but now it always looks amazing and I don't need to worry about finding the time. I am really happy with what is a professional and highly reliable company. I would also like to mention the price, which is really cheap!

  • Todd

I've been sick and tired of seeing my overgrown, untidy garden. In the end, I called Garden Designers Bermondsey and hired them for garden maintenance. Wow! What a great job they did! My garden looked virtually unrecognizable by the time the team had finished. It looked so neat and tidy and... beautiful. Well recommended.

  • Janet Pride

Garden Maintenance Bermondsey have always given me fantastic results whenever I have hired them for gardening services. The most recent occasion was when I had them see to my patio cleaning and they did a terrific job. If you are looking for someone who can help with your garden and your patio, they are the only people to call.

  • K. Cain

If anybody has had a problem or still has a problem with weeds in their garden then I highly recommend this team! My garden was plagued by weeds and I tried everything to solve the problem but nothing worked. That is, nothing worked until I hired Gardening Companies Bermondsey. I gave them a call and spoke to a member of their customer service team. They then came out and tackled the problem within an hour and I have seen noticeable results. There have now been coming six months and the weeds have yet to return! Great result!

  • Roy Sherman

Gardening Companies Bermondsey did a great job with a patio cleaning service after my husband spilt oil all over it while repairing the car. The service saved us the need for replacing the slabs with new ones which would have cost a fortune as the area was huge. I can't believe the gardening experts got the patio so clean, it almost looked like new and the cost wasn't expensive either.

  • Kirk Wade

I entrusted Gardeners Bermondsey with the herculean task of rectifying the mess in my back garden. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and was almost certain that it wouldn't be cheap, but was very pleased to be proven wrong. I considered the price to be very low and considering what I received, very reasonable. I will most certainly be using their company again.

  • Kris S.

The recent rain and rough winds affected our garden adversely. The plants needed care urgently. The winds had caused the garden to look like it had not been cared for or mended for years. We asked Garden Maintenance Bermondsey to handle the garden repair. We are highly impressed with the way they carried out the tasks. My garden has been rescued, all thanks to their wonderful team of gardeners. You have to see it to believe it, our garden is now the most prettiest in the neighbourhood. We would love to hire them again in the coming months for other gardening services.

  • Ben Hall

I have a couple of very large trees overlooking and hanging over my garden, and so when spring arrived, they quickly shed their leaves and my garden was absolutely covered in reddish brown leaves. I didn't have the time to begin the time consuming job of trying to get rid of them, so I called in GardenersBermondsey. Their services were cheap and offered great value for money. They got rid of all the mess, not leaving one thing for me to do, so they really do deserve my recommendation.

  • Frankie

I wanted to plant some flowers in my garden but had no idea where to start. I thought that rather than spend money on plants that may die in my care, I would see how much the professionals cost to do some planting for me. Their price was so affordable that I decided to go for a full garden landscaping service and now they regularly maintain my garden too!

  • E. Kelly

Gardeners from Garden Maintenance Bermondsey attend to every aspect of gardening, from clean up to garden waste removal. My lovely garden is proof of their professional services. Their on-time and prompt services, as well as helpful staff make for a great experience. I am looking forward to hiring them again.

  • Kristen Frank

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